Jan 20, 2011

Come on ESPN

Can someone tell me why ESPN simultaneously has Rutgers/South Florida on the deuce and Auburn/Florida on ESPN? Three of the four have to be the worst programs in big time conferences over the past 10 years and Florida hasn't really done itself any favors since Kim Noah and Co. departed for association riches.

On another note, I've re-re-committed to start blogging again. It's fun, a lot of friends asked when I'd start writing again and it's fun (although I think I said that already).

Jul 17, 2010

From one Minnesotan to another...

...thank you guys! Thank you for your bravery. Thank you for your toughness. Thank you for your heart. Thank you for your patriotism. Thank you for service.

Pictured are 1st Lt. Christopher Goeke and Specialist Matthew Johnson. Proud Minnesotans and PROUD SOLDIERS who recently died while serving in the Afghan conflict. I never knew them, but I couldn't be prouder to be a Minnesotan.

Jun 27, 2010

Like Driving With Your Eyes Shut

I'm a HUGE supporter of the US Military. They have protected our lifestyle, collective interests and most importantly us for some 200+ years. Here's to 200+ more! With that said I must profess my disappointment with General McChrystal and his comments revealed in the latest Rolling Stone. I'm not disappointed that he had an opinion (I prefer leaders that way). My disappointment comes with the obvious attempt at getting attention. No man of his stripes, intellect and skill would be so brazen as to make comments like that around a reporter without the hopes that they would have the exact effect that they did. He obviously felt like Washington was not listening and instead of follow the chain of command he went outside of it to get his point across. Weaksauce for a soldier. My respect for the military comes with the chain of command and the discipline that soldiers have to follow orders to the 'T' even if they wholeheartedly disagree. You're a General and you have a boss...Barack Obama. You're welcomed to disagree and even be opinionated on your disagreement but complaining to the outside in an instance as important as this is unacceptable. I totally agree with the decision the President made on this. If McChrystal pops up as a talking head in the next 18-24 months I'll know the true impetus behind this move.

p.s. The title of this post has nothing to do with the article. I was listening to the jayhawks and thought the line sounded cool! Seriously...don't look so sad.

Jun 22, 2010


My parents have pics hidden away of me and my brother's shot at R&B fame. The Boys, PG, ABC...act like you know baby! Our problem was we couldn't sing and dancing was about an 8 on a 10 point scale...today that'd be enough for pop star famedom, but the youngsters in the late 80's and 90s brought it.

Jun 13, 2010

Passion Pit

Let this be our little secret
no one needs to know were feeling
higher and higher and higher
higher and higher and higher

I heard this song today. It's pretty dope. Passion Pit is the name of the group and they did there thing. Check out the video. They fuse techno, pop, nice baselines, falsetto, drums and keyboard better than any of the other techno groups I've ever heard. They sound a little like Matt and Kim, but they keyboard is a little more dope and the feel of this video is better as well.

Jun 9, 2010

When Ordinary Failure Isn't Enough...call the DSCC

That the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and South Carolina Democratic Party let something like this happen just speaks to incredibly gross incompetence. Maybe the front runner didn't have a chance against DeMint in November but THIS MAKES YOU LOOK APATHETIC TO A PROGRESSIVE ELECTORATE who's already got major questions about party local and national party competency. Way to go guys. Seriously if anyone of any import is reading this blog, I'm a proud progressive and I'm disheartened about my states midterms (some 1,000 miles away) because it just really looks like you guys are trying to even the score...when you're winning that is!

Click here for the story, seriously if you're progressive click it, you won't guckin believe what you read...I'm not joking. Just remember this is a Senate seat in the United States of America.

May 31, 2010

My First Fight

I got the win in my first match...I must admit it was exhilirating to go from sparring to actually fighting with a guy whose purpose was to knock you out. You can check out the video online if you so care.

I'm patterning my style after Floyd and the lesser known (but equally as capable) Paul Williams. Lots of movement, shifty defense and opportunistic combinations. Here's the scouting report on me after my first fight.

Quick Hands
Great ring movement
Takes very little punishment

Holds hands low (no no against quick opponents)
Rolls shoulder too often
Unbalanced Combinations

Obviously I've got somethings to work on. I'm fighting again at the end of June and if I perform well I'll be going to a national tournament to test my skill against some guys from across the nation. It's been 8 years since I've felt truly competitive...I must admit this feels good.

May 23, 2010

Treat Me Fair!

Yglesias tells us what we already know...good looking people get treated better than the rest. Fair? Not really, but groups have had to deal with discrimination before, ugly people get in line.


May 16, 2010

Sweet Science

I'm climbing into the ring for the first time Wednesday night. I've been training pretty hard and am definitely ready for the challenge. But if I'm honest I must admit I'm a little nervous. My trainer and coach said not too worry this is a natural feeling and afflicts most boxers regardless of the level of experience.

My doctor thinks I'm crazy and I do have concerns about taking too much damage to the head, but it's definitely something I want to do and believe it will fill the competitive void that was left when I finished my collegiate playing career 8 years ago today. I'll be videotaping the fight and will post tape as soon as it is available.

Apr 26, 2010

"...5 losses, extremely desperate, former steroid user,..."

With Floyd there's no such thing as a backhanded compliment.

Fast forward to 3:45

Apr 13, 2010

Awesomesauce Takedown

Coatesey over at the Atlantic offers one of the better take down to this southern gubernatorial meme taking hold that the Civil War was not in fact about slavery.

I suggest reading the whole thing here.

Apr 10, 2010


It's always inappropriate for adults to ignore things like this. There is no such thing as kids being kids. Intervene, get the facts and the context and then determine whether it's minor or not. In the case of Phoebe Prince it was the latter. Way to douche it up South Hadley teens, parents and school personnel!

Apr 6, 2010

I Guess McDonnell

More ploys to pander to a constituency who has no idea what it wants but knows it doesn't want a left handed President.

Story Here

Apr 4, 2010


President Obama is no doubt a hooper. Anyone using words like skunked (meaning you got beat and didn't score a point) or whap (which is supposed to describe the sound of an all net shot) knows there basketball. I wonder how he'll react to having to host the Dookies in the White House in the spring. Hopefully Gordie Hayward can put together a 50 point salvo and prevent such a visit, but he's tentative and a I'm not holding my breath. Watch Mr. President and Clark Kellogg from CBS shoot a little POTUS.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Mar 31, 2010

Frum - daadumdumdum

AEI drops Frum. Didn't know they were run by the Tea Party. I'm not sure how the Tea Party's influence ends well for the Republicans in the mid to long run. It's going to be hard to walk that snow ball back up the hill once it's rolling full tilt.

Mar 28, 2010

Go Sparty!

Despite my Bucky hoops allegiance that came from familial ties for the years 2003-2007, I'm Goldy through and through. But like Brett Favre in a Pack jersey I've found myself fascinated and a big supporter of Thomas Izzo over the years. Like Favre the guy is just tough as nails and that makes him hard to root against in my book. Plus he knows hoops. Seriously does anyone run better sets than this guy? Seriously. Methinks no. Anyways, I love the guys fight and it's hard to deny that over the last 15 years he has been one of the best coaches in the country. He got his job the way no one does anymore. Learning under a legend than assuming the reigns with the blessing of his mentor.

As a huge Big Ten fan I have to admit that Sparty and sometimes Brutus (I said sometimes, I like where Matta is going but he isn't there yet) are the only reasons to get excited come March. It's really not hard to understand how he does it. He plays strong man to man and a fast paced offense that attracts the top wings and guards in the midwest. He then molds that talent and fuses it with his mental and physical toughness and voila...Final Four here we come.

Mar 23, 2010

And Obama said "Let there be Healthcare..."

Wow. Had you asked me back in August when paid actors (and disgruntled voters who simply didn't like the fact that Obama was left handed) were pretending to hate healthcare with every fiber of their being or when Scottie "pickup truck" Brown got elected, would healthcare ever pass I would have said no. The D's were too focused on trying to make friends and the R's were too focused on trying to win (the presidency in 2012 that is) to truly focus on this major issue. But here I am some 24+ hours after healthcare passed, elated and filled with joy. Not that the D's ultimately prevailed (which is nice too), but that GOOD, HARD WORKING, HONEST AMERICANS or humble beginnings and little means will have access to basic healthcare. That's super dope.

Mar 21, 2010

Save it for a Rainy Day

Apparently that's what Bill Self and the Jayhawks were doing yesterday when being down by 9-10pts all game he waited until 6 minutes left in the game to release his athletes to go after the slower, less talented Panthers from Northern Iowa. Utilizing a full court trapping, swarming press and half court in your face defense the Jayhawks cut the lead to 1 without much problem. Unfortunately by the time they struck fear in the Panthers the clock struck 12.

Now I have to spend my sweet sixteen weekend looking at guys who look like they play at the Y on Saturday mornings (see above) instead of guys who will be playing above the rim in the NBA next year.

Mar 17, 2010

Brazen or Bereft of Strategy

I'm guessing it's the latter. Click through to read the story of the 3 pirates in a speed boat who decided to attack an EU Naval Warship...yep...warship!